Zuma Regenopiakrople, 10 ml

Zuma Regenopia

ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops are dedicated for regeneration and intensive moisturizing of the eye surface when it is dry. Eye drops alleviate the symptoms of moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. ZUMA REGENOPIA accelerate the regeneration of the Surfaces structures of the eye after surgery.

What is ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops?

ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops contains a unique combination of four active substances: trehalose, sodium hyaluronate, fucoidin and D-panthenol, which effectively regenerates, moisturizes and creates a protective film on the eye surface. After application, the product provides a feeling of sustained comfort.

What is ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops used for?

ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops dedicated to regeneration and intensive moisturing of the eye surface when it is dry. Eye drops alleviate the symptoms of moderate of severe dry eye syndrome. ZUMA REGENOPIA accelerate the regereration of the surface structures of the eye aftrer surgery.

When should you not use ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops?

ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops should be used in condition of discomfort, which are accopanied by symptoms such as dry eye, burning or tired eyes. These symptoms can be caused by: dry air in heated or air conditioned rooms, working at the monitor, watching TV for a long time, cigarette smoke, mechanical irritation the eye surface e.g. when wearing contact lenses. Surgery, including laser surgery which disturb the processes of secretion and proper distribution of tear film on the surface of the eye.

How do the active ingredients of ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops work?

Trehalose – is a non-reducing didaccharide consist of molecules of glucose, naturally found in many living organisms such as plants, insects, fungi and bacteria. It has been identified as a key ingredient for survival under stress associated with anhydrobiosis(almost complete dehydration). Its protectiveeffect in cells subjected to drying consists in replacing intracellular water molecules. Strong? Protective properties have been used in ophtalmological preparations as protections against stress related to dehydrataion of the eye surface, which is a consequence of dry eye syndrome.

Sodium hyaluronate – is a viscoelastic liquid with hygroscopic properties, which plays an important role in the human body. It occurs naturally as a lubrivcant consisting of a biocompatibile polysaccharide with excellent water retention properties. The mucoadhesive properties of hyaluronic acid ensure better adhesion of the preparation to the eye surface, which has an effect on faster healing of the corneal epithelium. Furthermore, due to viscoelastic properties, the tear film stability increase and during the blinking is not washed away quickly.

D-panthenol – is an alcohol analogue of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). It exhibits hygroscopic properties and has the abilility to retain water. Furthermore, it has a documented positive effect on healing of the corneal epithelium. Intensely moisturizes the eye surface creating a barrier effect. Due to the hygroscopic nature, it prevents the epithelium from drying out and maintains the integrity of the eye surface structures. Ophtalmic preparations containing D-panthenol have a regenerative effect on corneal structures.

How much to use ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops?

If necessary, apply one drop into conjunctival sac. ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops can be used daily, also by users of all types of contact lenses because this drops do not contain preservatives. It is usually apllied 3 – 4 times a day, one drop into the conjunctival sac of each eye. You can apply more often if you need.

How to use ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops?

ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops should be used only externally to the conjunctival sac.


  1. Prior to administering the preparetion wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Remove the cap and apply into the eye. Do not touch the surface of the eye with dropper tip.
  3. Tilt your head back slightly.
  4. Hold the bottle face down (vertically).
  5. Pull your lower eyelid down slightly, pressing the bottle, squeeze one drop into the conjunctival sac.
  6. Close your eyelids and apread a drop across the eye surface by moving the eyeball.
  7. Repeat the same activities for the other eye.
  8. Put the protective cap on the dropper after use. During applying, be careful not to touch the surface of the eye and eyelid with the tip of the dropper.
  9. After applying the drops, do not rinse the surface of the eye with water or any other liquid.

When ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops is contraindicated?

  • Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to any of its components.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to the ingredients.
  • Do not apply in the case of bacterial, fungal or viral inflammation of the eye.


Composition: trehalose, sodium hyaluronate, D-panthenol, boric acid, sodium tetraborate, sodium chloride, highly purified water.

How to store ZUMA REGENOPIA eye drops?

  • Keep out of sight and reach of children.
  • Keep away from sources of heat.
  • Store in a dry place at a temperature of 5°C to 35°C.
  • Do not use the product after the expiration date printed on the package.
  • Do not use for more than 90 days of first opening.
  • Discard any unused solution.


Warnings and precautions:

  • The preparetion is intended for external use only.
  • Do not use if package is damaged.
  • Never touch your eye or any other surface with the tip of the dropper, this may contaminate the solution.
  • Other ophtalmic solutions can be given only after 10 – 15 minutes from the application of REGENOPIA eye drops.
  • The preparation should be administered last.
  • The reusable medical device should be used by one patient.



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