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Zuma Noka 0.4 - eyedrops with 0.4 of sodium hyaluronatesolution, 10 ml

Zuma Noka 0,4

Zuma NOKA 0,4 lubricant eye drops containing 0,4% sodium hyaluronate

Zuma NOKA 0,4 - Lubricant Eye Drops Maximum Hydration help relieve severe and strong dry eye symptoms and prevent further irritation by providing lasting hydration

Zuma NOKA 0,4 eye drops containing 0,4% sodium hyaluronate

  • Lubricate your eyes and relieve symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.
  • Provide relief in case of irritation, redness and eyes fatigue caused by working too long at the computer, external factors such as wind, sun, dry air, salt water, smoke, dust, air conditioning and heating.
  • Prevent conjunctivitis when wearing contact lenses.



ZUMA NOKA 0,4 are lubricant eye drops containing 0,4% sodium hyaluronate solution, obtained by means of biotechnological synthesis. Sodium hyaluronate, because of their specific physical properties, viscoelastic and ability to adhere to the cornea, improves the stability of the tear film and visual comfort.


Instructions for use:


1. ZUMA NOKA 0,4% drops should be used only externally, topically into the eye.

2. Prior to administering the preparation wash hands thoroughly. Remove the cap and apply into the eye. If you miss a drop, add another drop. Gently blink and close the bottle.

3. After applying the drops, do not rinse the surface of the eye with water or any other liquid.

4. Apply 1 drop to each conjunctival sac 2–3 times per day.

5. If the patient does not remove contact lenses at night, use ZUMA NOKA 0,4% before bedtime and upon awakening. Before using any product that has contact with contact lenses, you should consult an ophthalmologist.


Ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate 0,4%, glycerin, disodium phosphate, sodium chloride, cetrimide, sodium hypophospite, tetrasodium versenate,highly purified water.

It contains a preservative: cetrimide.


Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Keep away from sources of heat. Store in a dry place and below 25°C.


Do not use the product after the expiration date printed on the package.

Use within 30 days of first opening. Discard any unused solution.


Available packaging: 10 ml bottles

Form: solution.

Type of preparation: medical device.

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